Upcycled Succulent Planters

Spring is here and its time to get those green thumbs to work. Here is a fun DIY I did a couple years ago. It works great for a family event, wedding, outdoor patio or as a gift. 

If you don't have old rusty bake ware already lying around its easy to find a piece at a thrift store or flea market for a few dollars.  I filled an old muffin tin with succulents to make a bold center piece for our patio. Because the tin has small openings with shallow soil I didn't feel the need to drill holes. I also wanted to be able to place it on a table without worrying about drainage. I accented the succulents with bright white rocks for a bold look. 

As a bonus I made a herb window garden for a house warming gift out of an old bread pan. I use a shallow layer of small aquarium rocks on the bottom to allow some drainage without drilling holes. Pots, pans, tins, coffee pots... Its fun and easy to get creative when working with plants and recycled cookware! 

Tara DialComment